Taking old genres and putting a modern spin on them, with a touch of that Lochesque style.

Written, Directed and Created by Lochlan Smith.



Producer / Director / Writer

Franny races home having accidentally neglected to feed her beloved pet monster, Mitzey, who she keeps locked within her wardrobe. Upon returning home, the monster refuses to eat what she gives it, but when Franny's best friend and associates drunkenly stagger into her house, Mitzey suddenly has his appetite back. Inspired by "The Imp of the Perverse" and 50s Monster Horror Films.

Published 2019



Masque À Cacher

Director / Assistant Cinematographer / Writer / Actor

A Surrealist Style Experimental Film. Inspired by Luis Buñuel.


Published 2017




Director / Cinematographer / Writer

Ryan and Luke Murray, wait patiently for a duo of street thugs to bring a suitcase of what is rightfully theirs. But there is always a catch to any dodgy deal.


Published 2016



Direction Correction

Director / Cinematographer / Writer

There's no telling what an egotistical Filmmaker will do when all the footage of their cinematic movie masterpiece is lost due to the incompetence of an inferior being.


Published 2016



Life When Sight is Irrelevant

Director / Cinematographer

Life seen through the eyes of Anthony Clarke, Australian Paralympic Gold Medalist Judoka Champion.


Published 2016



When Sally Lost Siri

Director / Cinematographer / Writer

Sally is late for a family lunch due to her malfunctioning phone. It's almost like Siri's mental state is slowly drifting away...


Published 2015



Message Love to LOVE

Director / Cinematographer / Co-Writer

Kathleen, a medical student, has had bad luck with love. As a final resort she gives on-line dating a go. Alas, her date is not as he seems.


Published 2015



Simply Good Business

Director / Writer

Genevieve attempts to get a promotion in her workplace through methods "extra-legal", at the request of her boss, Mr Sussman.

Published 2015



How to Host my Murder

Director / Writer

Rick returns to an old girlfriend, at her husband's mansion, to retrieve a lighter he left her. As the night progresses he contemplates what is to come.


Published 2015