Some Schmo



I'm Lochie Smith! I can fulfill all your needs from business videos, to real estate virtual tours, logo and product design.

A Bachelor of Media Arts Graduate from the University of South Australia; I've worked on various film and television sets from university grade films, to television aired productions. Most notably as a Production Assistant on PLONK (2015), and Chef Exchange (2018), and recently Director of Photography on Dupang Festival, the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Best Event Award Winner. I am a writer, cinematographer, graphic designer, photographer, producer, director, and painter (not of walls).

My forte is older, what I like to call, "Dead Genres" - genres not seen on a television screen or in a cinema for the past fifty years: Film Noir, Westerns, Gangster Films, Guy-in-a-Suit Monster Movies, etc. I like to take these genres and new put a modern spin on them, as well as incorporate my own unique visual and literary style into the story.

My personal philosophy is, whilst black and white brings out the best in any medium, a splash of exuberant colour is always a welcome addition in the desaturated everyday.